To better meet the needs of our clients in highly specialized and complex industries we have focused every consultant within their industry groups. Consumer Products, Financial Services, Industrial trade and Technology.

video conferencingThe Results are presented by a written report and technical filmed interview to all decision makers at their convenience at any location.

Extensive briefing with the client
Design of an innovative Search Strategy adapted to the characteristics of a position
Search for the candidates on one or several markets simultaneously with a special focus on Direct Search
Systematic analysis of the candidates profiles

Our solutions help our clients:
Save time, money, and this enables to reach the right talent in a more efficient way, saving time, cost and eventually resources.
Compare candidates more objectively
Facilitate communication between decision makers

Our solutions help our candidates:
To find the right organization culture that you can thrive in without any geographical constraints
Save time by already during the 3rd week of the interview stage having the ability to meet the decision makers

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