We have understood that we have an inevitably bigger responsibility than simply placing a candidate into a company. We at Ditalent Executive Search are here to help talented individuals connect with their destiny as well as helping organizations to succeed in hiring the best possible candidate for their opening positions. We operate as the much needed link between candidate and organization to reach the best possible match where the work is relied on the cultural fit of each client and match the best possible candidate into the organization.

We are helping you find international talent that is a perfect fit to your business needs and your culture. We believe we have a unique access to the talent in the world. The culture fit is the key element for a talent to thrive in your organization. Working with your leaders, also interviewing them in the organization. Due to our technology of remote meeting recording and our structure of effective pre-study, we are changing the way of talent acquisition.

Our way of reaching global talent:
We use a remote technology and a way of working that is based on pre structured interviews by you and recording of the interviews.
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The demands and requirements of jobs can change over time very rapidly. The fundamentals of company culture remain stable in the face of change. We match talent with the right company culture for a long lasting engagement and higher performance since the culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. Therefore, we at Ditalent find it very essential to really understand the organizations culture in terms of values, goals and practices.

What we provide to our Clients;
• Finding talents across the Globe
• Cross border assignments

What we provide to our Candidates Globally;
• Career development
• International assignments